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KAnacept ''Spring Doze Preview''

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Kanacept is a flute quartet that performs a unique hybrid between classical and jazz. The ensemble features Kana Miyamoto on flute, Kieran McAuliffe on guitar, Sammy Weissberg on bass, Yosuke Nagayama on drums. Our repertoire includes original compositions and arrangement of Jazz standard and Bach. Kanacept has released first album ‘‘Spring Doze’ in 2017 which has reviewed from Jazz Magazines ad web magazines. They did a Japan tour in2018 and went 6 places to perform.



Kanacept History

It was 2015 when Kana Miyamoto, Sammy Weissberg, and Kieran McAuliffe came together as a band that exclusively rehearsed, working on contrapuntal improvisation for flute, bass, and guitar. Over the course of the next year, Kanacept began to evolve into something more as they incorporated everything from Baroque to modern classical music. With everything and everyone in place, Kanacept wrote and recorded at Faraway Sound in Brooklyn in 2017. The band as a whole though has performed at a number of venues since they banded together such as ShapeShifter Lab, Bonafide, Tomi Jazz, and Nublu, the Glove.

Leading on the flute, Kana Miyamoto was awarded the “Up-and-Coming Artist Overseas Training System” grant by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2002 when she was in Japan. Drummer Yosuke Nagayama performed for NHK radio “Session 2016,” NHK TV “El Mundo” Sumida Jazz Festival. Then there’s guitarist Kieran McAuliffe who was selected to lead a band at the Bern Jazz Festival in 2017.

 Whether people have seen them live or just listened to the album, the sensation the music captures them is what keeps them coming back for more. Spring Doze not only impressed fans but critics alike. A well-known jazz magazine in Japan called The Walker’s reviewed the record, as did Skope Magazine which said of the album, “Versatile instruments blend effortlessly and each has their own chance to shine among the diverse tracks. For such an old style of music, this trio certainly adds a modern spin to it.”

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''Spring Doze''

Releasing in June 2017

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Flutist Kana Miyamoto's debut record "Spring Doze" is a beautiful, musically diverse recording that bears repeated listening. Kana and the band engage in thoughtful interplay throughout with compositions that are well crafted and suited to these kind of explorations. A fine first outing! -  Steve Cardenas

Kana Miyamoto makes an auspicious debut recording exhibiting both a gorgeous tone on the flute and a very personal approach to synthesizing classical, jazz and rock influences in her compositions and improvising.
Definitely worth checking out! -Jamie Baum

kanacept  Shows

2018 Japan Tour




August 27 8:15 Shape Shifter Lab Kanacept

August 20 8-11pm Kanacept at Tomi jazz

July 31 10pm Kanacept at The Glove

July 13 7:30pm Kanacept at Club Bonafiade

July 1  9pmKanacept  at Flowers For All Occassions

May 27   9:3-10:30 Queens Night Market

April 1      8pm Cha Cha's in Bocca Al Lupl Cafe  


October 6 6:30-7:30 pm Cafe Vivaldi

September 16  6-7pm at Silvana  

August 16 6-7pm   at Shrine 

July 27 6-7pm   at Shrine  

June 16 9-10pm  at Nublu

February 26 at Bottom Bell House show 

Photos from our shows/Recordings